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Spousal Support (Family Law)- Client Testimonial

I was not aware that when my ex-wife had remarried that the Spousal Support that I was required to pay could be reduced. Fortunately I found the lawyers at Familylawyer 911 and the where able to reduce the amount I now pay for spousal support. If I had not modified my spousal support payments I would still be paying hundreds of dollars extra in unnecessary payments.


Christian Family Law Attorney- Client Testimonial

I was looking for a Christian Family Law Attorney in Covina and the greater Los Angeles area when I came across the offices of Paul A. Eads. His websites was extremely helpful and informative. I really felt like Paul and his associates truly cared about my case and provided continuous reassurance that things would be okay. In the end the Lord’s work was done and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you and God Bless.