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Child Support (Family Law in Covina)- Client Testimonial

After having lost my job in this recent economic down turn I was unable to pay the child support payments I once could. I was getting letters and phone calls from Child Support Services stating that I was behind and needed to make the alloted payments. I acquired the services of the Law Offices of Paul A. Eads and they were able to modify and reduce the amount I payed in Child Support. They also stopped the threatening letters and phone calls.



Family Law Spousal and Child Support- Client Testimonial

“My first lawyer had no clue what he was doing. He neglected to inform me that I was entitled to one-half of my husband’s retirement plan which is money I could have really used. Thankfully, a friend recommended that I speak with Paul about my case. Not only did Paul get my share of the much needed funds from the retirement plan, he was also able to increase both my spousal and child support payments so that I could have some breathing room in these tough economic times.”

– T.B.