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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Child Support (Family Law in Covina)- Client Testimonial

After having lost my job in this recent economic down turn I was unable to pay the child support payments I once could. I was getting letters and phone calls from Child Support Services stating that I was behind and needed to make the alloted payments. I acquired the services of the Law Offices of Paul A. Eads and they were able to modify and reduce the amount I payed in Child Support. They also stopped the threatening letters and phone calls.


Spousal Support (Family Law)- Client Testimonial

I was not aware that when my ex-wife had remarried that the Spousal Support that I was required to pay could be reduced. Fortunately I found the lawyers at Familylawyer 911 and the where able to reduce the amount I now pay for spousal support. If I had not modified my spousal support payments I would still be paying hundreds of dollars extra in unnecessary payments.


Christian Family Law Attorney- Client Testimonial

I was looking for a Christian Family Law Attorney in Covina and the greater Los Angeles area when I came across the offices of Paul A. Eads. His websites was extremely helpful and informative. I really felt like Paul and his associates truly cared about my case and provided continuous reassurance that things would be okay. In the end the Lord’s work was done and I could not be happier with the results. Thank you and God Bless.


Family Law Divorce Client – Testimonial

I was going through an extremely difficult time with my divorce and it seemed that the cards were all stacked against me. With the help and guidance of Paul Eads and his team we were able gain the upper hand and come to a fair resolution. Paul’s team was professional and extremely diligent, I would diffidently recommend the Law offices of Paul A. Eads to my friends and family.